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Cash Deals – Sell us your Phoenix Home

If you value speed over a full market price then we can help. We’ll buy your house cash if you are willing to work on the price for us. Otherwise putting on the market may take some time to sell. The average wait time for a house to be sold in the Phoenix, AZ market is 45 to 100 days.  Keep in mind, this is normally for a “ready to sell” home.  Something that will pass FHA and VA lending guidelines as they represent a huge part of most sellers market.  If you are making plans to sell your home or property in Phoenix Arizona, be ready to wait it out, OR, you can sell directly to Phoenix Cash for Houses .

We Pay Cash Fast for Properties in the Phoenix area!  Why on earth would you want to wait for 30 to 60 days when your bills are piling up or worse than that you might be in the middle of foreclosure and time is NOT on your side.

Phoenix Cash for Houses  buys houses and properties as investments.  We might rent out the home we purchase, rehab it, fix it and resell it for profit.  We have cash available right now to purchase your property as fast as possible.  To help you out in buying your home AS IS, we offer deals below market value to facilitate us making a profit off the sale.

We Offer You Cash Fast!

Phoenix Cash for Houses  saves you the headaches of dealing with time consuming issues like dealing with mortgages and loans and etc.  We have cash on hand to take care of the transaction smoothly and effectively as fast as possible.  This way we can close deals within 7 to 14 days or as soon as possible.


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