Avoid Scams Because They’re Out There!

If you are trying to sell your home fast there are a couple signs to look out for when choosing who will actually purchase your home.  There are scammers out there who are really looking to make you lose money.  So we have compiled a list of thigs to look out for.

If the buyer does not see the property first and inspect it, research it, etc.  This is a huge red flag!  Any good real estate investor will check for many issues that can be the case with the property, the neighborhood and the overall condition of the home.  Signs of scammers are commonly staged when the buyer tells you it’s ok if they don’t see the property.

Foreign Buyers?  Forget it!   What you want is a buyer that is familiar with your area.  Anyone that is serious about buying a property will want to look at it first, they should send someone to the place if they are foreign.  We are not saying all foreign buyers are scammers, because there are good buyers that are foreign as well.

Another  thing to look out for is if the buyer divulges any financial information without you requesting it.  Some scammers will try to convince you they are for reals by providing false or misleading documents like bank statements or any other information especially online.  Any money offers that seem to easy or eager are big red flags.  Be wary of foreign checks or money transfers that seem too generous.  They usually never clear.  Clear communication is a must if you are working on a serious financial transaction such as buying a home or property.  Scammers for the most part will call you at odd hours or only over email and never give you a physical address. 


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